Elemental Balance

Five Element Acupuncture is based upon the elements in nature-wood, fire, earth, metal and water. Each of us have all of the elements within us. If one is thrown off balance, the body compensates by asking another element to work harder. If this overworking/under-working dynamic goes on for too long, the body becomes exhausted in its attempt to remain balanced. Eventually, illness results. Illness, be it on the physical, emotional, spiritual or mental level, is only an indicator-the body's way of asking for assistance.

Five Element Acupuncture uses the creation and control cycles of the elements to achieve balance on all levels. As a patient of Five Element Portland Acupuncture, you will delve deeply into yourself, addressing the root of imbalance and opening the door to a healthful image of yourself as you are-perfect, complete.

While health is in balance, we all favor one of the elements. The key is balance while operating within the traits of that element, be it earth, air, fire, water, metal.
Find your element.