Find Your Element

While health is in balance, we all favor one of the elements. The key is balance while operating within the traits of that element, be it earth, air, fire, water, metal.

1. Which best describes your physical "type"?
Tall and lean
Short, red headed or curly haired
Tend toward being round, smooth or muscular
Boxy shaped
Angular and elegant

2. Who is your favorite Seinfeld character?
Soup Nazi

3. Which of these colors do you prefer?
Dark blue or black
Yellow or orange

4. When you think about ideal home/decor, which best describes your style?
Comfort Casual. Homey/comfortable (plush couches, earth tones)
Modern. Open fireplace, lots of room to entertain
Rustic cabin in the woods (rustic)
Traditional. Box beams and oriental rugs
High style bling or Zen minimalist

5. What types of movies/films do you tend to choose?
Romantic comedy
Real world documentary
Horror/scary or adrenaline inducing (explosions)
Family friendly
Independent/foreign films

6. How are your hands shaped?
Wide and square with short fingers and squared fingertips
Square shaped hand with long rectangular fingers
Rectangular long with long fingers
Rectangular hand with fingers that are shorter than the palm
Mixed hand/none of these

7. You're gifted a month-long, all expense paid vacation. Which would you choose?
On a beach, in the water
Stay-cation - be at home (with no phone to answer, fun nanny to take kids as you wish)
Wilderness adventure - backpacking/rock climbing/camping in remote wilderness
Cruise of your choice - people to meet on board, explorations by day
Zen retreat - visit an ashram or monastery for quiet and meditation

8. I feel most secure/content/happy when:
I have a good cushion of extra cash in my account
I'm at home, my family surrounding me, everyone is satisfied, doing what they love to do
When I'm out in the world/at work, making excellent progress on all the things I do best
I feel a deep connection to God/the Divine - at church, in nature, wherever that is
I'm in a group of my best friends, laughing and enjoying each other's presence

9. The sense organ MOST important to me is:

10. You just won the big lotto jackpot. Which best approximates your first response?
Start thinking about how you'll improve your living situation and which relatives and loved ones you're going to help out
Take a deep breath, start looking for a financial planner to advise you
Your heart starts racing, maybe you giggle and call your most dear person in the world to share the good news
Get in the car to lotto head quarters to turn in the ticket, while driving, plan your next move
Sit down, taking a minute or an hour to take in the magnitude of how this will change your life

11. Of the people below, with whom would you most like to have a conversation?
Martin Luther King, Jr. or Gloria Steinem
Michael Jackson or Madonna
Deepak Chopra or Mother Teresa
Albert Einstein or James Cameron
Walt Disney or Oprah

12. What's your most important survival tool?
My calm
My sense of humor
My ability to make a move
My spiritual connection
My ability to multi-task

13. When I die, I hope people remember my:
Sense of humor/laugh
Always striving for justice for all
My ability to care for others
That I was an inspiration
My legacy

14. If I had one altruistic wish, it would be:
Everyone would know God
No one would ever go hungry
The planet would be restored to perfect balance
Everyone would know they are loved
Every person would experience deep peace and trust

15. Which of these physical activities is most interesting to you?
Scuba diving
Salsa dancing