Testimonials from Five Element Acupuncture Clients

"Hilarey, I can't believe how much better I feel. You can call me Mr. Feelgood"

"Thank you Hilarey - Once treated by someone of your skill and intuition, it is hard to take the ordinary."

"My back pain is so much better. By the way, I got a new job, after talking with you about it. My interview was right after my treatment. I also booked that trip to Vietnam that I told you about wanting to take. Life seems really seems to be coming together for me."

"I was a relative 'first timer' with acupuncture treatment. Last year, I didn't really know what to expect and was looking for some relief from trouble spots at my neck/shoulders, feet, and legs. I have been working with Hilarey now for a year or so, and have chosen to continue every few weeks. What I really appreciate is her kindness and holistic approach. Each session begins with a recap of the previous weeks. Highs/lows/pain.we check pulses on several fronts: emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual. She'll suggest a course of treatment. I appreciate Hilarey's thoughtful descriptions of her 'intuitive' treatment points and what they're designed to accomplish. It's been very helpful for me to focus on these messages at the time, as well as between sessions. Her voice is calming and deliberate; very relaxing to listen to.... Over time, I have noticed big improvements in my overall wellness and attitude as a result of Hilarey's healing treatments. She is easy to talk with, fun to know, and I trust her. In my opinion, she is in the right line of work and more people should benefit from her knowledge, skills, and natural gifts!"

"Hilarey is amazing! She really listens to you, and is gentle and kind in a way that always makes you feel very comfortable. She is a great person to go to, especially if you have never been to acupuncture before. Hilarey always explains what she is doing and what the different acupuncture points mean, if you are interested. She makes your whole experience personal and tailored to your needs."

"Hilarey, I want you to know, you are the best acupuncturist I've ever had, and I've had a lot of acupuncture" Hilarey: "Wow, thank you. What makes treatment with me different?" "You are completely present when you work with me. I feel like I have your complete attention when I'm being treated by you. That is the difference" - Dialog between MS and Hilarey after a treatment.

"I had a lifelong, withering fear of speaking in front of groups. I don't know why I ever thought taking a yoga teacher training course would be a good idea, but I was assured by a number of people that by the end of training, the fear would be gone. It wasn't. Reluctantly, I taught a few classes after training, but the feedback I got after the last one was: "That was terrible. That was just terrible." I resolved that I wouldn't put myself or students through that again, so I focused on practicing yoga rather than teaching it. About a year after teaching that last class, Hilarey gave me an acupuncture treatment - just 3 needles. The next day when I spoke to her, she asked me how I felt. When I thought about it, I realized that it was time to face that fear of public speaking. I didn't know how it would come about but as it happened, that day I went to a yoga studio where I'd never been before. I signed in as a teacher and the owner said, "You're a teacher? We need teachers." Then and there, she put me on the schedule.
It was a little shaky for the first three weeks, but bolstered by the knowledge that it was time to face that fear, I kept at it. Then something clicked during that third week and the fear was gone! That was more than four years ago. I'm still teaching and I credit Hilarey's treatment with the ability to do so."

"Just wanted to let you know that I think the treatment you did may have really worked. Since then, my hamstrings really have been so relaxed that they honestly have not bothered me a bit. I started running a bit more, and hamstrings are so relaxed they actually feel like they did five to ten years ago, when I was younger. I think you've really helped."

"I came to see Hilarey with extreme pain in my neck, shoulder, and arm. After my first session, the pain substantially subsided. Now after receiving three treatments, I just have a trace of the pain left and am also feeling more balanced with my left and right side and have a deep feeling of peace. The treatments not only helped me on a physical level, but on a mental, emotional, and spiritual."

"Shortly after meeting with Hilarey for the first time, my mother-in-law and I discussed how readily apparent it is that Hilarey is a healer. My first treatment had involved several points in my right ear corresponding to various organs and intended to ease the quitting of a bad habit. I told Hilarey that I was in the throes of quitting smoking, and she proceeded to expound an appropriate treatment that was helping people detoxify following and heal from drug addictions. This treatment drastically reduced the unpleasantness of the nicotine withdrawals I was experiencing and left me feeling very peaceful. The treatments that followed were designed to help me center and shore up my energy (I had told her that I wanted to cultivate and focus my creative energies). Each time Hilarey treated me I felt very relaxed and at peace, and left her office feeling more positive and energized. And the energy that I was experiencing was more grounded and resilient feeling. Since my treatments I have indeed felt much more focused in my life and in my work. I'd like to thank Hillary for all of her time and help. Thanks so much."